Subtle glitter half moon manicure

This manicure was another compromise.  I wanted to try another half moon manicure but didn’t want to do a completely crazy combination because it was a work day.

FYI – I work in healthcare, there are no strict policies on nail art but I try to find a balance between business and party nails.

Anyways, I started off this manicure with OPI Road House Blues and then did some small half moons of Nicole by OPI Snowman of my Dreams.

The results were a nice crisp manicure with a touch of sparkle.

Next time I’m taking the contrast to the next level though, it just wasn’t enough oomph for me!

Happy polishing!


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One thought on “Subtle glitter half moon manicure

  1. Rebecca Russell says:

    Ooohhh….I like it! I never would have thought of a half moon with glitter: it looks so pretty! I work in healthcare also but I’m a medical assistant in a pediatric office so I’m lucky that they are very forgiving about what we wear on our nails. And I take full advantage of that. 🙂


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