NEW Jillian Dempsey for Avon Palette Review

A Sexy, Smoky Eye, Simplified Pro-Perfect Eyes:

Who doesn’t dream of creating the perfect smoky eye look? This wonder palette makes a sultry, smoky eye simple to achieve, thanks to its four shades that perfectly complement one another to highlight, accent and line eyes with foolproof application. “My new eye palette from Avon actually separates the colors into sections that mimic the shape of an eye, so you know exactly where to apply each color,” explains Jillian.

 Now available in 4 shades: Deep Purple, Cinnamon, Smokey, and Aqua.

The palettes are sleek and easy to travel with.

Pictured here is the Smokey palette.  It can be used in a variety of ways other than what is outlined in the palette.

This was my best interpretation.  As you can see there is quite a bit of glitter and shimmer, which is why I chose this photo.

The colors were easy to blend, but you have to have the right brushes.  If you choose ones that are too big you will pick up multiple colors at a time.

Smokey eyes – open.

Pictured above is Deep Purple, which I love.  It is made for girls with green eyes, I swear…

Again, there is tons of shimmer and very pretty.

I get excited when I get purple stuff, because it gives me an excuse to use my purple liquid Ruby Kisses liner.

Overall I think these palettes are great for travel, a girl on the go, or someone who needs a visual as to how to apply their shadow to achieve a simple smokey look.

It is also great for everyone else, because you don’t have to be super technical and you can wear these colors however you want.

They retail for $9 / palette and are available on


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