My Influenster VoxBox Arrived!

Hello beauties,

I wanted to share my initial thoughts upon receipt of my most recent Influenster VoxBox.  This is actually the third VoxBox I have received, and am very thankful and honored that Influenster values my opinion enough to choose me as being Influential!

Influenster is a trendsetter community and use your influence to qualify for complimentary PRODUCT SHIPMENTS, REWARDS & DEALS fit for your lifestyle. The more active you are, the more perks you get!  To learn more, visit and sign up if you are interested!

OK so this VoxBox is called the LoveBox.  It has yummy teas, natural sugar, chocolate, a razor and nail decals.  My heart is officially won over.  Over the next several days you will see me posting about these products on here, my Facebook, and my Twitter.  If you’re interested in hearing what I have to say about them, I suggest you stay tuned!


Stay tuned for future beauty product releases, reviews, nail art, giveaways and more follow me  on: Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Pinterest.  YouTube.


2 thoughts on “My Influenster VoxBox Arrived!

  1. sugarmitten says:

    I’m so excited! I haven’t received mine yet! They tried to deliver it on a day that nobody was home and so it is just sitting at the post office all lonely waiting for me to bring it home. Unfortunately my working hours are the same as the post office hours so I have to wait til Saturday to pick it up! Unless I can convince someone to grab it for me before then! I can’t wait to start trying out my products. I’m so curious to see what Kiss pattern I got.


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