Milani Teal Jewel FX nail lacquer photos and review

Holy glitter, Batman.

Teal is one of the newest additions to the awesome Jewel FX line of glitters from Milani.

It is a clear base packed with tiny teal glitter, and larger hexagonal glitters in green/silver/blue.  Gorgeous.

I layered this beauty over my Beach Front mani out of curiosity and this was the result:

I used two coats and freakin’ loved it.  I had no issue with the larger glitters curling  as they applied or dried – or any difficulty getting them onto the nail when I was applying it.

At least a half dozen people commented on it at work.  I kept referring to it as a party on my nails.  It was only an accent nail but it made a huge impact!

There are lots and lots of other new polishes from Milani that I will be showing you very soon, so stay tuned.

Milani is available at several drug and super store but you can purchase directly through their website as well.

For more brand and product information please visit

Product provided for 100% honest review


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