Milani NEW Baked Eyeshadow Copper Excess look, photos, and review

Milani came out with three new shades of their baked eyeshadow line.  One of them is what I am showing you today, called Copper Excess.

My experience with this shadow is identical to that of the Must Have Fuschia.

It had relatively good pigmentation with a dry application over a primer.  It blended beautifully and I experienced no fall-out.

Got sloppy with my liner.  Anyone got any techniques for me?  For real, yo.  I’m liner-challenged.  Give me tips in the comments.  PLEASE!

For this particular EOTD (eye of the day) I used Smashbox primer, and the Copper Excess blended from the outer corners of the lid inward.  Then I lined the lid with black gel liner by Ruby Kisses and a brush and finished off with Hard Candy Lashaholic.

I really enjoy how this is a nice balance and is not too flash or gold but isn’t entirely vague in color payoff and you can still notice the brightness that it has.

You can also learn more about the brand, other products, and purchase directly from the Milani website.

Products provided for 100% honest review


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3 thoughts on “Milani NEW Baked Eyeshadow Copper Excess look, photos, and review

  1. Lady D says:

    Nice color. I bet this would be a gorgeous blush as well!
    Do you use gel or liquid liner? I prefer gel over liquid for I find liquid runs a bit. I would say use short strokes or dot your lids first then connect them. and because you have smaller eyes apply thinly in the inner corners.
    Good luck 🙂


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