Milani Fruit Punch crystal lip gloss photos and review

This is one of four new shades added to the Crystal Lip Gloss line from Milani Cosmetics.  It is called Fruit Punch and is described as a Hot Coral Pink.

Honestly I was pretty intimidated by it in the packaging.  Thought it would be a little to Jerseylicious for me or something…

In the end, I really loved it.  The texture on these glosses is very silky and subtly tacky which is perfect for me.  TONS of shine, hence the name crystal.  Plus a tiny petite casing that can fit into a pocket, or pocketbook.

It is bright yet sheer at the same time and there are tiny reflective glitters within it that make your lips glow.  The glitter is not at all grainy and you cannot feel it on your lips.

These glosses retail for less than $6 each and the crystal lip gloss line is available in a variety of 15 shades!

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Product provided for 100% honest review


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