Palmolive Fresh Sponge review


Palmolive Fresh SpongeTM dishwashing liquid has a unique dual-action formula designed to wash away odor causing residue from sponges and clean dishes to a sparkling shine. Both dishes and sponge are left smelling freshly cleaned.


Product Details:

·       Cleans dishes
·       Freshens sponges
·       Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands®

We were actually sent a brand new packaged sponge with this product but instead of using that, we went the extra mile to put this product to the test.  After opening Palmolive Fresh Sponge to use it for the first time we figured, “why not try this on the sponge we’re already using?”  It had started to build-up that weird sponge smell.  After over a full week of using this new dish soap and continuing to use the old sponge, THE SMELL IS GONE.  Ultimate test survived – conquered like a freaking dish soap warrior.  Way to go Palmolive.

Bonuses to this product:

The size – giant bottle, the speediness in which it cleans our dishes and breaks through anything on them, and the ability to keep even the roughest or gentlest hands soft.

I really never thought I would say that I’d like using my sponges to clean my dishes but I honestly don’t mind since I don’t feel like I’m picking up something super dirty and nasty and fearing that my hands are going to wreak like nasty sponge anymore.  I’m more than impressed with this product and will recommend it to all!  We don’t even use the dishwasher anymore – we can save money on our water bill and buying dishwasher detergent!  Woohoo!!!

 Where to Buy

The suggested retail price of Palmolive Fresh SpongeTM is $3.29 for a 25oz. bottle. It is available in most grocery stores, and mass retailers like Walmart and Target.

Palmolive Fresh SpongeTM dishwashing liquid can also be purchased online at and

Discover the exciting range of Palmolive® products.

this product arrived complimentary for testing purposes from Colgate-Palmolive via Influenster.

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