Sally Hansen Red-y to Rock Salon Effects

Yes.  I am obsessed with Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  Deal with it.

I’ve tried at a minimum – a dozen Sally Hansen Salon Effects patterns from various seasons and collections.  I appreciate their value and their consistency.  During busy times I don’t need to worry about patience for nail art, be concerned for chipping, or wonder if I’m going to have enough time for my nails to dry.

Another thing is, I’ve tried a few different brands of these types of decals and these are my favorite.  They aren’t incredibly different but I appreciate their thin and lightweight which make them easy to maneuver into the right spot on my nail every time for a really streamlined look.

These particular decals are from the Broadway Musical “Rock of Ages” collection.

Application time for these is about 15 minutes for me, I don’t care what you nail decal haters say, I love these strips and use them a lot!

In fact, I love them so much I made a video on how to apply them…

and another on how to make your own heart decals with the left over decals!

I know some of you beauties have seen these at super stores and drug stores near you.  If you have seen them – share in the comments where!!


Product provided for 100% honest review


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