Kat Von D Outlaw Liquid Lipstick review

Today I have for you, a review of Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in the color “Outlaw”

For starters, the packaging is beautiful.  Each one comes in their own black and silver foil “tattooed” box.  Very cool.  The color Outlaw is a super rusty brick red.  Applicator wise it is a foam tipped lip gloss… it looks like a gloss while you’re putting it on, but then it dries into a powerful stay-put bod with a full lip stick color – lip stain.

It was fairly easy to apply evenly.  I think next time I may use a lip brush and a lip liner to prevent the slight bit of feathering since I am developing fine lines around my lips.  Overall it lasted from 7am – 5pm and I had to scrub to get it off… so if you’re looking for something for crazy length wear and will survive your coffees, meetings, kisses, etc – this is for you.

My husband and son were also pleased that after our good morning smooches I was the only one left wearing the color…

Everlasting Liquid Love Lipstick ($18) – Make a statement with striking, long-lasting color that won’t smudge or migrate. The richly pigmented formulation leaves your lips stained with a beautiful matte velvety finish that lasts for hours. For a flawless look, shake the bottle well before application and apply a single layer to inside the lip line in a smooth, even motion. Wait 1-2 minutes for lips to dry and you’ll be set for the rest of the day. Select from a sophisticated range of six shades, including Jeffree (coral), Berlin (orange-red), Bow & Arrow (nude), Outlaw (deep blood red), Backstage Bambi (hot pink), Lolita (dusty rose).


Available @ http://www.sephora.com

Product provided for 100% honest review

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