My uneven skintone puts Smashbox primer and foundation to the test

Today I’m trying out two new (to me) Smashbox products: Color Correcting Adjust Primer and High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in Medium

The primer looks like baby food but I managed to make art out of it.  Ta da.

I cannot believe I’m sharing the above picture with you.  I NEVER leave home without make-up.  I hate my blotchy skin.

After I took that crappy picture – I used the amount of Color Correcting Adjust primer swirled in my hand in the photo up higher, all over my face.  Then applied a pea size amount of the High Definition FX Foundation in Medium all over my face.  Both with my hands – I’m not a brush/foundation girl.

Overall I think it did a pretty good job.  My acne was particularly bad during “my time of the month” and it did a pretty great job covering up the dark patch on my forehead.

Overall, I’m pretty gosh darn impressed!!

I added a little blush and some lip balm (in addition to the Smashbox product I reviewed yesterday) – it was just a Smashbox kind of day!  As it should be EVERY DAY!!!

Product provided for 100% honest review

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6 thoughts on “My uneven skintone puts Smashbox primer and foundation to the test

  1. marshmelly411 says:

    I’ve never tried the Smashbox primers but I’ve only heard good things…looks like it worked pretty well!

    I found your blog through Beautylish! I’m starting a Blog Hop just for WordPress bloggers…I think it will be a great way to get WordPress blogs some more recognition! If you’re interested in linking up, just go here: It will be up each weekend from Friday to Sunday. 🙂


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