Milani Rapid Cherry nail polish photos and review

Glossy, sophisticated red nails for Memorial Day.  Featured against a bright patriotic blue background.

Thank you to all of those who serve our country!!!!!!

One of the things I love about Milani: you get high quality products for affordable prices.  I bet there will be another company with a nearly identical polish to this one that will be a minimum of $3 more – or more than double, depending on the brand.

This particular manicure was ONE coat.  I experienced no issues with application or dry time.

Milani is available at several drug and super store but you can purchase directly through their website as well.

For more brand and product information please visit

Product provided for 100% honest review


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One thought on “Milani Rapid Cherry nail polish photos and review

  1. Yanis says:

    I started pinnaig my nails about 2 years ago and its amazing what you can do with a little color (or mixing diffrent colors!). I love classic red the most and glitter can be fun too! but it’s hard to pick a favorite. during fall I tend to use brown alot, but still havent found the perfect one yet!


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