Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Today I’m sharing a new (to me and maybe you, too) brand called Lumene.

Lumene is  a company from Finland that appreciates and uses natural, sustainable ingredients in their products.

They carry a variety of goods from skin care to make up – and they haven’t forgotten our men.

This is Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover.

I used this product two different ways – by moistening a cotton ball with the remover, and toilet paper.  Yes, not everyone is perfect and uses a cotton ball every time people.  I represent.

Overall the remover was able to rip off the most powerful mascaras, liners, and shadows that were practically budge proof with other removers.

I suggest going with a cotton ball or pad whenever possible as moist other toiletry products cannot withstand the pressures of being wet and used.

I did find that the most difficult thing to remove was my upper lash line but what worked was pressing the moistened cotton ball to the area for 1-2 seconds then lightly swiping the makeup away.  Worked every time.  This was better than the previous Waterproof Makeup Remover I had from Neutrogena and is available for the same price $6.

I’ve Google researched and discovered that it is available through CVS and Walgreens.

Stay tuned as over the next week or so as I will have reviews of a few more of the Lumene skin care products.

To learn more about Lumene please visit their website.

This product was provided for 100% honest review.

Have you ever tried Lumene products before or are you interested to try them?  Please share in the comments!

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