Beauty Besties tattoo edition 1

Alright, I think I’ve talked about this enough.  Time to actually just jump in and do it.  Today I am showing you some of my tattoos.

Quick history: I spent over 12 years in the music business and a few of those years helping out with my rare spare time in tattoo shops.

I’ve accumulated quite the collection that covers 50% of my body.  From my collar bone to my ankles.

These tattoos rarely see the light anymore now that I work in a fully business attire, no tattoos allowed position.

Our first edition is an awesome piece by my friend Will Thompson.  This is what I call my WWF belt, because it goes all the way around my waist.

The main part is around my belly button – my rock n roll belly.  It amazingly survive a 65lb weight gain and pregnancy and almost entirely recovered bouncing back to normal.

Moving to the sides of that main piece are two guns, one on each side of the banners.

To be my cheesy self – I had to go all out and add some roses for my guns.  Guns n Roses.  Get it?

The roses vary from buds to full bloom going all the way around to my back and wrap around.

Yes, it hurt.  Really REALLY bad.

Music played such a huge part of my life I wanted to make sure I always had a piece of it with me.  From working with bands to being in one of my own, they were some great memories.

Now it has been many years since I’ve lived “that life” but I got to keep something beautiful from it all.

If you want to learn more about the artist visit his website

 I will have more installments of these tattoo posts coming in the future and we will return to cosmetics & beauty posts tomorrow.



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