The cure to embarrassing foot odor

Typically, beauty bloggers don’t want to flaunt their flaws but I had such an amazing experience with this product I have to share it.

For most of my adult life I suffered with stinky feet syndrome.  It didn’t even matter if I was wearing an open toed wedge, my feet got sweaty and smelly and it was truly embarrassing – especially in the workplace.  I found myself toting a bag around with powders and sprays to try and mask the smell which just made it worse.

One day, scouring I found this product

Honestly it looked too good to be true.  Lasts for 6 months?  Right.  The other things I tried didn’t even last 6 minutes!

Basically how you use this is you rub it onto clean feet three days in a row.  Then in each pair of shoes, sprinkle the product.  That’s it.

It’s been about six weeks now and immediately it worked.  I don’t have to carry any of that other stuff around with me anymore!  I’m actually excited I can purchase wedges again.

It also got rid of the smell that was embedded into my existing shoes.

Plus I don’t have to wait for someone to leave my office if I want to change my shoes to go for a walk / break.  This may just be one of the best things I have ever discovered in life.


If you have this issue or know someone who does recommend this product.

I purchased mine through but you can purchase direct through their website as well.


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