Jamberry nail wraps photos and review

Alright.  Behold.  This may be the cutest manicure I’ve ever had…

Jamberry nail wraps is a nail decal that is applied slightly different from the others I’ve shown you before.  The bonus is that there is over a HUNDRED designs.

You heard me.

One of their reps sent me some samples to try out.  Here is a little collage of my experience:

These are different to apply than your Sally Hansen or others I’ve shown you before.

First you peel off the decal you want and hold it in front of your hair dryer for about 15 seconds to make the decal more pliable.  These are much thicker than the other brands.

Then you apply it to your clean, dry nail with pressure and use the hair dryer again for a few seconds to make sure it adheres to your nail.

Voila – a perfect mani.  It took me about 15 – 20 minutes to do this manicure.  The end result was awesome and I got a ton of compliments.

Unfortunately I peeled them off before I could tell you how long they really lasted for.  They just didn’t match my work clothes, sorry.

Each set of nail wraps is $15 however for me since my nails are so short I could probably get 2 1/2 manicures out of each set which makes it about $6 per manicure.  Not bad.

Plus the patterns are insanely awesome there are sooo many choose from I don’t know how you’d even start to make up your mind.

Right now they are having a buy 3 get 1 free deal.  So check it out.

They have opportunities for parties and consulting so that you can earn money and have fun doing your nails at the same time.  Learn more on the website linked above.

Product provided for 100% honest review


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