9 Proven Summer Problem Solvers from BeautySage.com

Makeup-melting temps, skin-searing sun, and frizz-inducing humidity wreak havoc on your beauty routine. Save face with products proven to solve your warm weather beauty woes. Summer’s bright, penetrating sun, hot temps and sweaty humidity can do a number on your beauty—i.e. your everyday go-to products may no longer do the trick. BeautySage.com rounds up the top proven products, all foolproof and easy to apply, so you’ll be in the sunshine in no time.

Problem: Obvious Blush                                                                                                  Solution: Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Blushed : Swipe this multi-tasking makeup stick on lips, cheeks, eyes, face, or anywhere you want an instant, natural looking glow. The perfectly portable balm contains jojoba oil—lauded in the science world for its healing and moisturizing properties and its easy absorption (it’s a doppelgänger for our skin’s natural sebum!).  

Problem: Drab Digits                                                                                                                 Solution: Sheswai Nail in Babe : This bright, super-glossy watermelon coral polish provides the perfect pop of pink for spring (and will also look great against that margarita glass!). The formulas’ deep opacity ensures vivid, smooth payoff—even after only one coat.   


Problem: Visible Foundation Lines                                                                                  

Solution: RMS Beauty Un Cover Up : Wearing foundation in the harsh sun can be a recipe for disaster (visible chin line, anyone?). This feather-light cream seamlessy blends into the skin, delivering even, buildable coverage that self-adjusts to your skintone. It’s also packed with coconut oil—scientifically proven to hydrate the skin and increase lipid levels (which hold in moisture and keep out dirt)—leaving your skin moisturized and soft.


Problem: Air Conditioning Induced Dry Skin                                                                             Solution: KAHINA Giving Beauty  Toning Mist : Spritz this rose-scented mist for a refreshing pick-me-up. It’s infused with a nourishing bioactive complex and gently tones (read, minimizes the look of pores) while adding moisture and a dewy radiance.


Problem: Sticky Hair Spray                                                                                                   Solution: Yarok Haircare Feed Your Hold Style Sustaining Hair Spray : Maintain your loose, “I just-don’t-care” hair all day long with this natural hair spray. The lightweight formula won’t leave your strands stiff or sticky, just voluminous and full of body.


Problem: Creasy Cream Eyeshadow                                                                                         Solution: RMS Beauty  Cream Eyeshadow in Magnetic : Summer’s sizzling temps beget shiny skin. So instead of fighting it with powder eye shadow, enhance your natural glow with a shiny cream shadow that (wait for it) doesn’t crease! Raw mineral pigments deliver a silvery-taupe finish that stays put, for an all-day sparkly stare. And the nourishing formula is so hydrating—packed with coconut oil, beeswax, jojoba seed oil and cocoa seed butter—it actually doubles as an eye cream.


Problem: Dry Flaky Skin                                                                                                            Solution: One Love Organics Brand New Day : Rise and shine with this gentle, everyday exfoliator that works with any skin type. Pineapple enzymes break down dead skin cell proteins and soothing silk peptides and milk powder nourish and protect the new skin that surfaces. End result? Skin that shines as brightly as the sun.


Problem: Lip Gloss That’s Pretty and Protects                                                                         Solution: Revolution Organics in Truth : Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants (which keep icky free radicals, a byproduct of sun exposure, from damaging your skin), this gloss leaves your lips both polished and nourished. And don’t worry, the hot pink color may scream, “Summer!” but the sheer texture whispers, “I’m still wearable. 


Problem: Natural Sunscreen That’s Chalky                                                                                  Solution: Snowberry Active Outdoor SPF 30 : This non-chemical, broad-spectrum sunscreen blocks the sun with zinc oxide and galanga root extract. It manages to pack a whopping high percentage of zinc oxide, while smoothing on completely clear, which, as skincare aficionados know, is no easy feat! It also works overtime to combat dryness, roughness and fine lines with natural emollients, such as shea butter and inga and raspberry seed oils, that keep moisture in the skin.


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