Beauty Besties tattoos – volume 2: stewed, screwed and tattooed

Today’s ink comes from Texas.  This was an interesting time in my life… I flew out to get this tattoo from Oliver Pecker at Elm Street Tattoo the same night after filming a music video with my band and playing a show at a join in Long Beach.  Quite a day!  I met Oliver through a mutual friend that represented Matchbook Romance at the time.

The concept for this piece was a spin on traditional tattoos – “stewed, screwed, and tattooed.”


My all access passes left me screwed…



and of course, heavily tattooed.

That Los Angeles 5A was the drum stick I used to beat the crap out of my drum kit.

Here’s the overall picture.  This photo is actually from not long after Oliver had finished the piece.

He is one of the coolest characters I’ve met to date and insanely talented – designing shirts, shoes, and a ton of other ads for companies like VANS, Warped Tour, etc.

Can’t forget to mention he throws a kick ass party.

That’s it for volume two of my tattoos.  Any questions or comments – feel free to make a note!


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