My Neo Mag Light Tattoo Removal 1st update


If you are looking for info onNeo Mag Light (learn more at please start by reading my initial intro post here

This post is to inform you that I have started this journey and here is my first official update.

I’ve started with the tattoos in my inner fingers.

This was long before I started the Neo Mag Light process

This is after one treatment:

It is not a drastic difference.  For me since I stare at them every day I can tell some things are changing.  The “F” now has a tiny spot that totally blew out the color and the “W” is fading more than the other letters.  Honestly it was scary (for reasons mentioned in the initial post) so I didn’t place the Mag Light for the entire 3 seconds as I could have.  Now that I know how I will react to the process I’m going to have my husband do it for me so I can not instinctively pull it away and do the entire treatment properly the next time.

I can tell with patience and persistence it could work, but it is not an overnight miracle.  You are instructed to wait 21 days between treatments.

Stay tuned for progress update 2 in the near future…


One thought on “My Neo Mag Light Tattoo Removal 1st update

  1. elizabethallbright says:

    I am sad to read that you have to do this. I look forward to the day when body art is just as acceptable as any other self-expression. Unfortunately, it will probably not happen until the last of my generation is no longer on the planet. (there are a lot of stodgy 50 year olds out there!)


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