Beautecam review

This was a surprise in my mailbox.  Had no clue it was coming or what the heck it was once it got here.

It’s called Beautecam, which is a tiny camera lens you attach to your smartphone to take zoomed in pictures of your skin and then this “program” you download analyzes your skin.

Overall I think the concept is cool.  Here are the catches:

It sticks onto the back of your phone so it doesn’t stay in place well.  So then you have to hold it onto the phone while trying to take a picture of your skin where you aren’t casting a shadow with your own hand.  Once the app analyzes your skin it suggests skin care products for you which is cool.  However a majority of the other users and products are all from a foreign country, so they may not be readily accessible to you.  If they made a full-blown US version of this it would be bad ass.

It is kind of like the Beautylish of skincare just way more high tech with its capabilities.

They didn’t include any sales information so I do not know what the camera lens retails for.  However you can download the app for free and answer questions to get a skin analysis without the camera.  To learn more visit  (good luck because it’s all in another language)

Overall I think they’re on the right track.  I just need it to be more Americanized for my personal comfort.

Product provided for 100% honest review


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