Kat Von D 5 Piece Brush Set With Case review

Brushes are a somewhat controversial topic in the cosmetics world.  Some people prefer synthetics, other swear by real hair… newbies may not realize the quality behind a brush that is scary expensive or understand the perks of having brushes at all.  When I first started getting into make-up more over the past few years I realized the importance behind descent brushes.  They allowed me the opportunity to apply my make-up without having hairs (real or synthetic) stuck to my face, I was able to blend better, and do things I couldn’t do before with Styrofoam applicators and q-tips.  I’ve tried a few different brands and types – and here I’m showing you the new Kat Von D 5 Piece Brush Set With Case.

What it is:
A five-piece brush set for creating gorgeous eyes.

What it does:
From smoky and mysterious, to casual everyday elegance, this set of high-quality brushes will help you achieve a variety of eye looks with ease. Smudge, blend, conceal, highlight, and contour with these soft bristles, designed to disperse formulas evenly and provide smooth, full-color application. The set comes in a sleek, black vinyl case with beautiful stencil design, perfect for easy, protected travel.

This set contains:
– Smudge brush
– Blending brush
– Angled eye shadow brush
– Concealer brush
– Foundation brush


It comes in a sleek, soft covered hard shell case with a strong magnetic closure so you could travel with it.  The red case is embossed with her signature rose patterns and her initials are the magnet that holds the case closed.

Here is a close-up of the initial closure.

As you open the case it is lined with a velvet texture and out pops the five sexy brushes.

Each brush has her initials and the signature rose pattern on the handle.

Ergonomically they are like most other brushes.  Long, sleek handle and soft supple brush to allow for effortless and smooth make-up applications.

They are very much comparable to non-designer brand / Sephora brushes.  However, they are a touch more stylish.

The Sephora site says they are valued at $130, which if sold individually is quite possibly true.  (I told you, good brushes cost bank!) But this whole set sells for $55 w/free shipping.

These brushes are available now @ sephora.com

Product provided for 100% honest review


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