Earned My Stripes – Easy Nail Art – Photos and Simple Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve given you some of my simple, DIY (do it yourself) nail art.  But today, I have a new one for you.

It’s not exactly ground breaking but it looks clean, classy, and funky all at the same time.  You can mix it up any way you like by experimenting with colors.

I’d been wanting to do a play on nude & black, so here it is.

First I painted my nails a solid nude color and let it dry completely.  Keep your coats relatively thin so as you layer you aren’t pulling layers off through the artistic process.

After your nails are dry you can cut thin pieces of scotch tape or painters tape – or use a nail art striping tape vertically on the nail.  I did 3-4 stripes per nail and pressed firmly.

The black paint is a KISS nail art paint with a really thin brush.  Since I have little baby girl nails, I used this because it would create the cleanest lines for me.  But you can use whatever type of nail polish / brush you fancy for yourself.  I prefer not to paint over the tape because it can sometimes create seepage.

Quickly yet carefully remove each strip of tape and you are left with your base color as a neat stripe.

The final manicure.

What do you think?  Love it?  Leave it?  Going to try a different color combo?  Share in the comments!



One thought on “Earned My Stripes – Easy Nail Art – Photos and Simple Tutorial

  1. Rebecca R. says:

    Love it! The nude and black combo is one of my faves. I got some striping tape a while back and have yet to try it; maybe I’ll give this a shot!


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