Sally Hansen Go Toe to Toe and Sole Control

Good morning beauties!

I don’t know about you, but in this economy it is difficult to spend my spare change on a full blown pedicure.

Sure, they feel great but I’d much rather spend my extra money on clothes and shoes (that my toes will look awesome in.)

So I’m a do it yourself pedicure kind of girl.  However, the tools are sometimes awkward to use and you don’t get great results.

This time around I found two products that actually worked really well and gave me a pedicure that left my feet feeling smooth and soft.

I do tons of walking around for work and exercise so I should probably take much better care of my feet than I do.  But with these tools it is SO easy now, I can do it regularly.

The key is to use these tools after a bath or shower.  I opted for shower, because I’m not much of a bath girl.

Sole Control is an ergonomically sound foot sander that helps get dry skin off the bottoms of your feet.  There is a course side and a fine side, so you get amazing results.

Go Toe to Toe is a heavy duty super sturdy clipper to cut through toenails with ease.  It is precise enough to do small jobs, too.

Both of these products together will come to about $20 US with tax.

Hm… sounds much cheaper than the salon, and you can do it whenever you want to (over and over again.)

Good investment.

These products were provided for 100% honest review


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