NYC Metallic Eyeliner in Leopard Print

Keep an eye out for these this Fall at your local drug & super stores that carry NYC (New York Color) Cosmetics

Sorry for the coloring in the photo.  I took it with my iPhone.  But you can still see it shine!!

The color was phenomenal especially for it only being a $3 product.

It applied like silk with it’s thin and pliable brush.  You can go as thick or thin as you like.  Just go with the flow.

This color is a rusty penny color but NYC has named it Leopard Print.  Feisty.

You can build the color if you please if you let it dry momentarily.

Overall, amazing product for the price!!

Would you rock metallic eyeliner?  Or already tried this product?  Share in the comments!

This product was provided for 100% honest review

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