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Today I share with you my another experience with the Zoya ornate collection.

Yet again, I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking…

The base nail color is Zoya “Ziv” from the Ornate collection.

I’m sorry, I freaking hate gold nail polishes so I could not leave it alone hardly long enough to let it dry.

I used a cuticle stick to dip the point into Zoya “Blaze” to emulate Ruby crystal dots on each nail.

I didn’t hate it as much once I added the dots.  But this manicure didn’t even last 12 hours on me.

Don’t judge me for not liking gold.  I just feel like it makes my hands look really washed out.  It is nothing personal and the polish itself has no issues.

It is my own person issue with the color gold for nail polish.  We are on the same page now, yes?

Feeling ready for Christmas season with this Ornate collection, thanks Zoya!  I’ll be able to use all of these colors together to make some nail art magic in the weeks to come…

This collection is available at http://www.zoya.com and they are $8 per polish.

Product provided for honest review


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