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Recently, I had THE most amazing mail day.  EVER.

When all 3 TwiddleStic and Wonder Styler arrived.

Did you know that all 3 stack inside one another to save space in drawers and when traveling?  How awesome is that!!!

They’re relatively simple to use.  The Cool Curl technology is advanced and impressive.

Click through this link to watch the full product tutorial video by Doll.

Here is how I started…

Straight hair.

Then I wrapped a section of hair around my TwiddleStic.  And applied my flat iron over the top of the hair for approximately a count of 5.  Then rotated 180 degrees and repeated.

My first curls weren’t perfect but as I continued to each section of hair it kept getting better and better…

My end results were fun, flirty, shiny, and sexy.  Plus I had FUN after I saw each curl bounce after I was done.

More product info:

The Doll TwiddleStic is a revolution in hair curling technology and creates defined curls like never before. TwiddleStic curls won’t disappear at the stroke of midnight and can amazingly last for days and days or until you wash them out.
The Doll TwiddleStic has been designed to be used with all hair straightening irons and is proving to be an extremely effective alternative to traditional hair curling techniques and curling wands. Just wrap, twiddle and slide and watch the curls appear before your very eyes – it’s easy!
When a straightening iron, curling wand or tong is used directly on hair, they transmit intense heat that removes moisture which can damage hair. The Doll TwiddleStic’s unique CoolCurl™ heat absorbing technology instantly absorbs the heat applied to the hair from the iron, helping to keep the moisture content and cooling the hair while it curls – creating long lasting curls in excellent condition.
When a Doll TwiddleStic is used to curl hair, the hair cuticles are smoothed and curled exactly to the profile of the TwiddleStic. This process leaves hair naturally shiny, bouncy and defined. And, the magical bit, there’s no need to apply any product to set in the curl.
The Doll TwiddleStic is available in 3 sizes to create a stunning range of gorgeous curly hairstyles. Choose Bouncy Belle for soft curls & L.A. waves, Lucy Locks for spiral curls & salon hair and Twisted Tallulah for tight curls & catwalk looks – Happy Twiddling!

My hairstyle was a combination of Lucy Locks TwiddleStic and Twisted Tallulah TwiddleStic to create more texture and volume.

They are available now on the Doll website for £40.00 each or £99 for the set of 3.  That averages to about $64 US.

These will be available soon in the USA and Canada through distribution, so stay tuned because I will share that information as soon as it is available.

I’ll also have the review of the amazing WonderStyler in the next few days!

Feel free to leave questions or comments.

Products were provided for 100% honest review


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