@Carols_Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer #hair #miracle #review

Pure Monoi Oil draws its strength from the coral-rich soil of the Tahitian islands that gives both the Tiare Gardenia and Coprah Coconuts concentrated proteins.
Tiare Gardenia flowers and Coprah Coconuts, which are only found on the islands of Tahiti, are harvested in the mornings when their nutrients are the most powerful.
Each island has its own dedicated Mamá who holds the secret recipe. She selects only the fi nest Tiare buds that are about to open and dries the best coconut pulp.
The pistils are carefully removed from 15 Tiare blossoms, making sure to keep the petals intact. Then she takes 15 ounces from the fi rst cold press of the Coprah Coconut.
Then the blossoms, still unopened, are placed on top of the Coprah Coconut Oil, and for 15 days, as the blossoms open, the oils blend together, forming the potent repairing Monoi Oil.
Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer
Holy shiny natural curls Batman!
I applied a pump full of product and distributed through my hair after getting out of the shower and towel drying it.  Let it air dry… and these are the results.
I’m super excited about this discovery.  I’ve been growing out my hair for almost two years and this is going to keep those in between trims totally manageable.
According to the Carols Daughter site:
Seal 93.3% of split ends instantly with this repairing lotion that binds the separated ends of hair so you can skip the trim & keep the length.
The product is $25 for a 1.7oz bottle.  So if you’re a budget gal, use sparingly…
Product provided for 100% honest review

2 thoughts on “@Carols_Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer #hair #miracle #review

  1. Mia says:

    Love Carol’s Daughter! Her products are the best – I have been using them on my daughters hair for years and her hair is gorge! Thank you for sharing this review 😉


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