@lushcosmetics Snow Fair shower gel #glitter #sparkle #review #vegan #crueltyfree

Tis the season for more fabulous holiday finds!

Today I am sharing with you another Lush Cosmetics genius product by the name of Snow Fairy.

This goes out to all you pink, glitter, sparkle, candy, vegan, bubble loving beauties…

This returning holiday classic is the perfect shower-time treat for those of you with constant candy cravings. The delicious scent of cotton candy and sweet vanilla will be dancing in your head as you lather up with care. And a dose of iridescent glitter makes shower time a moment to shine. What could be sweeter?

What could be sweeter?  Only actual cotton candy that is glittery and could double as shower gel.

The products from this brand have become an obsession for me.

When they arrive at my doorstep I tear into the package like a mad woman then run into the bathroom to start trying them out…

But this takes the cake, because it can also be used as a shampoo if you want to smell extra sweet!It bubbled like a science project in the shower and smelled so good I wanted to snack on it.  After the shower my skin felt soft and fresh.

I must say, it was quite comforting after a long & cold day at the office!

Product comes in 3 sizes from 3.3oz up to 16.9oz ranging from $9.95 – $27.95

This is a fun self gifting idea, or a great addition to a girlfriend’s gift basket or someone special’s stocking stuffer.

I know my girl friends (and their daughters) would love to receive this and feel just as fancy as I did when I used it.

Only one of many fabulous Lush Cosmetics holiday gift ideas.  Stay tuned for more to come!

Visit Lush Cosmetics’ website to learn more about their cruelty free, organic, vegan way to bringing high quality products to your home.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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