PeaceKeeper ‘Eco-Sheer’ Natural Lip Gloss photos and review

The more and more I learn about new products, the more and more I am in awe and in love with brands that not only embrace a nature / nurture mentality, but also a charitable one.

Today’s brand is PeaceKeeper, and the product is UNIFEM which is a tinted, natural lip gloss with a subtle sheerness to it.

Classic, sophisticated sheer burgundy.  Looks great on everybody (we kid you not, we took this gloss around the whole United Nations and it was absolutely stunning on EVERYBODY) and makes the perfect accent when applied over any lipstick color.

Proceeds from the sale of this gloss will be donated to the United Nation’s Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), which supports programs around the world to end violence against women. For more information, visit

PeaceKeeper prides itself on its slogan “No Nasty Anything!” for a reason:  they’re dedicated to creating cosmetics using non-toxic ingredients that will keep your body safe and healthy.  All of our products are acetone-, paraben-, phthalates-, and gluten-free, and they carry vegan-friendly products too (check out their line of Vegan Nail Paints!).

These are $10 each but not only are you contributing to a great cause, you have natural cosmetic ingredients that are safe for you to wear.

I love this color, and it comes in 7 colors total.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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