Fashion FLEXY the glam hair accessory that doubles as jewelry #giftideas #giftsunder25 #giftsforgirls


You can get practically any color, style, design, accessory you want with these Fashion Flexy products.  It’s pretty cool the assortment that is available!

Some are subtle and some are uber glam.

Available in ponytail or headband, and part of a family of products that goes far beyond… these products can be worn as bracelets, etc

Below I’m wearing the silver stud headband on light pink.  If you want to soften it up you can flip it around to the bow on the other side.  $17

You can also add matching earrings, rings, and necklaces.

Is this not an adorable gift idea for family and friends?  Maybe for a diva niece or girlfriend who already seems to have everything?!

Here is a gift set of Charmless “Chrismukkah” Fashion FLEXY – this is a see it here first, people.  Not even on the website yet!

They even come with a sweet gift tag on them already and are very nicely packaged.  What’s even better?  You can plant your gift tag.

Say what?  Yes, really… you can plant it.  In the ground.  And watch it grow.

The last is my favorite – SO CUTE for a holiday party or even Christmas day!

All three of the FLEXYs I tried have a good amount of elasticity and did not pull on or ruin my hair.  It was a nice upgrade from my usual dollar store hair tie!

Makes you feel like you’re doing something more with your hair than pulling it in a ponytail, and have a nice accessory for your outfit!

You can seriously have your way from hearts and stars to skull and crossbones.

There are also some really unique waist ties as an alternative to an uncomfortable belt.  Also really beautiful blinged-out bobby pins!

Check out the Fashion FLEXY website for all the glam goodies!

Products provided for 100% honest review

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