@sephora @disney Cinderella gifts for girls under $25

Sephora / Disney addicts beware – this limited edition fantasy princess Cinderella collection is summed up in 3 words: to die for.

I’ve got two items here that are fantastic finds for your fairy tale gifts this year!

(both are under $25!)

Here is the Stroke of Midnight compact mirror.

Now I’m a total Disney lover, so I find this packaging to be beautiful and dreamy.  Very classy, not cheap or cheesy.

The compact itself looks like an elegant time piece.  So gorgeous.  I can’t wait to pull this out of a clutch at a party and watch as others eyes light up…

I bet people won’t believe it’s not an actual pocket watch!

The inside is scripted as shown above.  A good reminder isn’t it?!

This gift is only $20 believe it or not.  I personally think it’s a no brainer purchase.

The second gift is the Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set (below)

$25 gift

With four full sized lipsticks this is a really good deal!  That’s only $6.25 per lipstick.

Each tube of lipstick is quite elegant.

My Moment (pink champagne glitter)

Who Is She? (warm rosy mauve)

Pumpkin (light pastel peach)

Lady Tremaine (berry)

I think that the three main colors are great and the champagne sparkle might be great to layer over the others.

So in my Disney / Sephora loving opinion you need to stalk your local (or even not-so-local) Sephora stores and find these gems for the princesses on your shopping list.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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