@sephora @thekatvond High Voltage eye primer review

What it is:
A lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky formula that sets the stage for perfect, lasting eye-makeup application.

What it does:
This smooth-textured essential glides over the eyelid without dragging. It performs like a magnet, preventing eyeshadow from migrating and creasing. Micro-encapsulated pigments float over the eye area, finessing skin texture and blurring fine lines.


I am a girl who uses eye primers every.single.day.of.life.  For real.

This is one of the most velvety textured ones I’ve ever used.  However, I am fairly light skin toned heading into fall and it had a yellow tone to it.  The staying power of the shadows over the top was fantastic.  But I had to make sure I was doing a complete look that covered up the entire area where I had applied the primer to it so that I didn’t have a random yellow patch.

This must be the newest packaging, as the one on the sephora site has a felt applicator much like a lip gloss.  This way the heat of your fingertips applying to your lid probably give it a more even covering of the entire area including fine lines.

For $15 I would probably get it again if I ran out for the product formula alone.  I’m also VERY curious about the smokey version on sale for $7 on sephora.com

Check it out for yourself here on the Sephora website.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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