@Dollhaircare WonderStyler #review #beauty

Ladies and gents, I introduce to you the WonderStyler!


Free your hands and gain ultimate control with the Doll WonderStyler’s revolutionary DollGrip. Specifically designed to give salon professionals the flexibility to do other things whilst safely holding the flat irons. Increases speed and reduces the need to constantly put your flat irons down.
Easier to use than conventional flat irons with less exertion needed to create whatever style you require. Helps to reduce muscle fatigue and repetitive strain injury when used for long periods of time.
Designed to safely keep your fingers and hands away from the hot plates and arms of the flat iron, the unique DollGrip provides added safety, reducing the risk of burning your hands associated with conventional flat irons.
Revolutionary technology allows you to style hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces without melting or harming the synthetic fibres. This is also friendlier for real hair as the lower heat reduces any damage.
The Doll WonderStyler’s Polished Titanium Floating Plates reduce ‘tugging’ and give a smoother experience and shinier, silkier finish.
This innovative safety feature enables you to set when you require your flat irons to automatically switch off once you put them down. The memory option allows you to choose anywhere between 1 minute to 120 minutes.
Choose the exact temperature required for your styling needs, degree by degree, up to a maximum 230oC/446oF.
Eliminates problems associated with tangled or twisted cords allowing maximum freedom of movement and reach.
No need to wait for your flat irons to cool with the safe and convenient heat resistant carry bag supplied.
This is pretty dang cool.  I spend time every week straightening my thick unruly waves and it is awkward!  I’m always burning a finger, or trying to re-adjust my hand positioning so that my arms are not getting tired.  Staying beautiful is hard work!  But this ergonomically efficient styler makes it much easier on someone like me.  Spending 10+ hours a day on technology between work and school I can use any break I can get on my poor hands/wrists.  This DOES help.  Believe me.
Check out how straight and shiny it made my hair.  Simply super.

There is a video to learn more by clicking here.

It sells for 150 pounds which converts to about $240 USD.  I know it sounds expensive, but I remember my husband shelling out almost that much on a digital CHI for me and it didn’t have the safety features that this one does.  So an extra forty bucks wouldn’t stop me from buying this one.

These will be available soon in the USA and Canada through distribution, so stay tuned because I will share that information as soon as it is available.

Feel free to leave questions or comments.

Products were provided for 100% honest review



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