@jcpenny is the place to be… at least for me…

I’ve had SO much fun discovering how to put outfits together (thanks to Polyvore.com!)

But in reality this has made life so much easier when I shop.

Before I was lost, confused, and frustrated when I would enter a store.

Now I want to try on (and unfortunately for my husband) buy everything.

Our community recently had our old JCPenny re-done to the new, updated “JCP”

I’ve found it to be easier to navigate, and the selection is much closer to what is on the website.


Some of my favorite finds so far are this blazer that is made out of sweatshirt material and embellished with faux leather trim.  The blouse underneath is a modern yet slightly vintage vibe that I was able to update with throwing the blazer over the top.  What did I pay to look this sleek at the office?  $36 for both.  Yes, for real.  Did I mention that I got compliments ALL DAY LONG at work about how “sharp” I looked?  Even from men.  When you look good, you feel good and when people start commenting you feel like a million bucks.

Not a bad deal considering I spent so little in real life!

One more find I wanted to share with you…. I grew up obsessed (literally) with Betsey Johnson.  It could have possibly contributed to my phase of bright pink hair.  Now that I have to be more polished for corporate America I can still have a little Betsey in my life.  She is much more affordable now (thank God) thanks to JCPenny.




I die.  Thank you JCPenny and new brand collaborations for making my life affordable and stylish.

You’ve got a loyal customer in me.


8 thoughts on “@jcpenny is the place to be… at least for me…

  1. miss donna says:

    the “new” JCP is one of my favorite stores now. years ago it was my go-to spot for baby/toddler clothes when my kids were small. now, we all can shop there! you do look good…and i agree – the compliments are great confidence booster.


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