Le bébé Coo the ultimate for baby and mom-to-be!



Bedtime Wash – Let your baby or child unwind with Le bébé Coo’s Gel Lavant pour le Soir (Bedtime Wash) soak. Made with a soothing blend of Chamomile and Lavender, its pleasantly soft aroma with essential lavender relieves tension, enhances circulation, and creates a pre-bedtime sanctuary while cleansing.

Nourishing Lotion – Our silky absorbent nourishing lotion is a valuable protective barrier. The Le bébé Coo formula boasts of exotic Açai Berry Oil, harvested in Northern Brazil and is considered to have the highest potency of antioxidants of any fruit on earth. Babies lose moisture 50% faster than mature skin, so we included Olive Oil, known for centuries for its healing and nourishing properties, combined with Vitamin A and Vitamin E to create the ultimate combination of care for a baby’s tender skin. (I’ve been using this on myself!!)

Massage Oil – Special non-greasy blend quickly absorbs into baby’s skin. This formula is superior in that it combines the benefits of premier oil extracts garnered from all parts of the world. Grape Seed Oil contains a natural beneficial compound of Linoleic Acid while Apricot Oil is rich in Vitamin A, E, Beta Carotene and Zinc. Jojoba Oil enhances skin hydration significantly for at least 8 hours after application. All of the finest compounds coupled with Açai Berry Oil Extract (known worldwide for superior antioxidant properties) has created the most amazing product in all aspects.

Head-to-Toe – Our popular ultra mild cleansing gel softly lathers on and rinses clean leaving healthy, soft skin. Le bébé Coo’s Gel Lavant Bebe Cheveux et Corps (Head-to-Toe) is known for its soothing effect on babies. Our unique formula is made with a special complex of hydrating Soy & Oat Extracts plus Vitamin E & A. The combined benefits of the Soy extract provide a better alkali environment for babies skin and scalp. The Vitamin E is vital for protection of skin cells from ultra violet light, and other elements that might create a “flawed” experience for baby’s delicate tissues. (This is great even for my toddler as he still has incredibly sensitive skin!)

 Now you may not be expecting, however, you may know someone that is.  Le bébé Coo even has fabulous gift bags to put these items in for that baby shower.  Not only are the products high quality, they are incredibly classy in appearance.  Any new mama would be a proud recipient of these glam goods for their new bundle of joy.  I can think of a few new mommy’s who are totally deserving of these.   I’d much rather spend the money on these than something I know (being a mother) that she will never ever use!!

There are also other products to choose from.  Visit their website to learn more and purchase!

Products provided for 100% honest review

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