Get UNREAL – a review from mister Besties


So basically, I am writing this post on behalf of my husband – who completely devoured this entire shipment of Unreal candy.

In his world, things are pretty simple.  They’re either good or bad.

He says, “Hey these are pretty good.  You can’t tell they’re healthier.  The chocolate tastes a little different but other than that it tastes just like the other candy in the stores”

UNREAL candies contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or hormones; no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms); no hydrogenated oils; and no corn syrup. Instead, we use real sugar, natural oils, and real milk. Also, you don’t need to travel to a fancy health food store or pay a premium to buy our candy, it’s only available where junk food is available.

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Product received for 100% honest review

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