@KissProducts nail dress peacock pattern photos and review

If you are looking for a super simple way to do nail art, then nail decals are your answer.

Get long lasting and affordable fashionable nails in a matter of minutes – with no dry time or artistic ability required.


I was actually hesitant to use these because they looked like they’d only be pretty on a super long nail and I have short baby nails but they worked out nicely.

Just a touch of glitter in the middle of the peacock feather with some surprisingly subtle neon colors on the feather.

Application for these is exactly identical to that of a Sally Hansen nail decal, and these are a little more on the budget friendly side.

You can use them on your fingers or toes and they are available at drug and super stores.

Visit http://www.kissnaildress.com/ to see all of the styles available from the simple to stunning styles for less than $8.

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