Girls in Glasses – what and what not to do!

Eyeglasses may have been an eyesore growing up; however, now that I’ve worn them comfortably since the third grade they are one of my favorite assets.  In fact, they are my all-time favorite accessory.


Eyeglass frames are available in a variety of shapes and colors to suit that you as an individual.  Embrace it.  Try them all on.  Understand what you love and don’t love so much about them.  Then find that one pair that you can’t live without and rock them every day.

There are so many brands that make the fabulous frames available now that fit into any budget.  So indulge and invest in whatever makes you happy.  From timeless frames by Ralph Lauren or Gucci, to feminine frames by Kate Spade to sporty frames by Oakley – and everything in between, you are going to find something that helps you complete who you are.

Whether you’re a first time frames wearer, or a long time I have some beauty tips to assist you in your fabulously framed future.

  1. Don’t worry about what other people think!  If you want to wear a pair of red frames, do it.
  2. Use make-up as your friend, not your foe.  Line your eyes, curl your lashes, shape your brows, and use a highlighter to make your eyes pop from underneath.
  3. Take care of your eyes.  Wear sunglasses when you can, get transition lenses and get your eyes checked when anything seems irregular.
  4. The internet is a great tool for finding the perfect frame…

I’m one of those people who get a new pair of glasses every two years.  Whether or not it is time for a new frame, sometimes I just love to see what else is new and out there. has some fantastic reference materials when identifying what your needs are and an incredible selection to choose from at discount prices.

If you don’t know what kind of frames that suit your facial features try:

Want to see the latest and greatest?  Visit this link:

Going to purchase?  Check out the promotions:


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5 thoughts on “Girls in Glasses – what and what not to do!

  1. Rose Powell says:

    Your glasses suit you perfectly. I like them a lot. Thank you for the tips. I find that I appreciate my glasses more so now that I am older than when I was younger. My eyes just don’t handle contacts so well… So being able to look cute in glasses is key… Make UP IS your BFF with Glasses, go the extra mile too! Most of all BE CONFIDENT, you’re not in elementary school anymore, no one is going to make fun of you, except maybe your partner/spouse because you’re so blind they can see the future in your lenses! Great tips!


  2. Chacoy says:

    Great tips! I know a lot of people who hated wearing glasses but had no other choice and with all of the great choices now-you can rock those specs(shoot people buy non-perscription glasses to look cool)!


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