Play with your makeup! Favorite looks of the week

I can’t stress this enough – play with your make up!

Trust me, you have NOT done everything with that eyeshadow palette that you actually can do.  Try different combinations, mix them together – have fun with it.

This is what I put together this week.  My 3 fave looks:


This look above is using the Sephora / Kat Von D little saint palette.  I added some bronze gel liner from Ruby Kisses and Victoria’s Secret mascara.


This is a dusting of Sephora collection silver eye shadow and lined with a Sephora collection black eyeshadow and slanted brush.  Again, VS mascara.


 Last but not least this is using the Hello Kitty Say Hello palette.  I added a smudge of Smashbox cream liner in Sepia and my VS mascara.

Which look is your favorite?

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10 thoughts on “Play with your makeup! Favorite looks of the week

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have been doing this every day for two weeks now. Since I started working again I’m wearing more makeup. I forgot how fun it is to play! Love all the looks here!.


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