Fashion find – Reese + Riley

Hello beauties! This is going to kick-off a series of posts to feature up & coming brands that you may not have heard of before but you need to know about to be on trend. As a young business professional it is often frustrating to find quality clothing goods that are within my budget. I actually found this brand on Twitter, and was sucked in after the sight of the first photo of the clothes. It’s a fun, subtle twist on a suit blazer to keep it feminine yet strong. The colors are powerful yet cute. I think you’ll enjoy!




Reese + Riley, LLC launched in 2012 and was immediately recognized as a fresh line of sophisticated, high-quality apparel for discerning fashion-conscious consumers around the world.

Founded by sisters whose middle names are Reese + Riley, the new brand was created to capitalize on its owners’ unique talents and comprehensive experience in the industry.

The brand will specialize in high-style fashions designed by up-and-coming new designers and manufactured in New York — creating a whole new fashion image to draw customers to their brand. Each garment will be crafted of premium materials, and reflect a couture mindset of current fashion trends while making their own fashion statement and expressing a distinct style apart from the average mainstream selections.

Reese + Riley offer elegant, timeless styles at more affordable contemporary ready-to-wear prices to meet this demand. The collections are incredibly versatile, flattering and high fashion with a feminine edge. They are relevant and reflect lifestyles of influenced fashion designs and choices that are gaining an ever-growing popularity — addressing the growing niche market for the fashion individualist.

If you’re looking to be the first of the ladies to rock one of these jackets, contact here for more images, and brand info

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