Makeup room renovations

Yep.  I’m spoiled.  I love my husband.

I have not only a vanity for my makeup, but an entire room.  It’s finally nearing the end stages.  Pretty much only some organization and decorating to do at this point.


The desk and chair we found at our local antique mall.  The furniture is sturdy from back in the day – not some cardboard crap like in stores today.  The mirror needs to be painted white.  I’m thinking about modifying it a bit, too… just had a fun idea that I will share when it’s complete!  Those tiny shelves don’t hold all of it.  We’re talking about installing some shelving and organization bins into the closet where that little zebra trash can is now.

I bought some funky door handles today that will be used to hang jewelery, too!


The craziest part is my makeup.  I got some drawer dividers tonight at Lowes that I’m going to see if they will work help me separate things.  All five drawers are packed and this doesn’t include any of my skin care, hair care, or nail art items.  OMG… I have so much stuff.

What are your tips for organizing?  Share in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Makeup room renovations

  1. Kerry Lauder says:

    I use little boxes, and put concealers in one, pink lip stuff in one, nude lip in another, etc. I would not recommend this, bcuz now I have 50 million boxes! LOL


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