DIY Vanity makeup mirror

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee… thank you for providing the mad beauty scientist the opportunity to express herself!

I found this awesome mirror on Pinterest where someone took an old mirror and covered it with toys.  Well, I one upped y’all.


This was an old mirror from a bedroom set we purchased for our toddler but it doesn’t go with what we’ve recently re-done in his room.  So, we decided to re-purpose it for my makeup room!

Forget about tossing your expired or UN-used products.  You now have something to do with them.  You can use smaller items to do picture frames, too!

Stock up.  I probably used more than I needed, but I went through 3 of these tubes of super glue…

I did a dry test run first.  Laid out the products where I thought would be best, then re-arranged as necessary.  Once I liked where they were I started gluing.

For those of you that hate brushes and cans, bust out some spray paint.  Lay out a drop cloth, old towel, blanket, or do it on some dirt.  Whatever works for you.  Make sure you tape/cover the actual mirror or glass so you don’t paint that too!

I was so in love with it even before it was fully dried.  Isn’t it adorable up close?

The final product put behind my makeup table makes the makeup vanity official.  I now have the ultimate beauty blogger table.  Don’t hate.  Re-create.  I don’t mind.

What do you think?  Are you going to give it a try?  Share in the comments & share with everyone you think might want to try this out for themselves!




13 thoughts on “DIY Vanity makeup mirror

  1. Lydia says:

    Ok, THAT is adorable. It took me a second at first and I honestly thought, “she’s going to just glue that stuff on there?” But THEN I saw that you painted it and that’s BRILLIANT!!!!


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