Fashion find – Ronen Chen’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Ronen Chen’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection – comprised of four distinct groups that thematically represent both the trends of the season and ageless, classic style. Ronen is an internationally renowned fashion designer with 17 stores in Tel Aviv, 2 in London, and a brand new US e-commerce site at


What is it about city living that makes the changing of the seasons even more exciting? In Ronen Chen’s Metropolis group for early Spring 2013 you’ll find monochromatic art-deco lines that are clean and simple, angular and geometric. These dresses and knits beg to be worn on the city streets that inspired their look, and thick jersey and crepe transition your closet perfectly into the warmer days with a sophistication that is just as appropriate for a morning meeting as for an evening dinner date.

12The Savannah group for early Summer 2013 is a nod to African grasslands that bring together elements of both the forest and desert. A tribal pattern and an all-over earthy color palette bring the light-weight fabrics like washed satin and cotton twill to life in loose shapes that embrace the female form and enhance the airy feel of the season.

13The Ocean Blue group for Summer 2013 is the sartorial manifestation of a watercolor painting – dark and mysterious like the summer night sky with the soft sensation of water and the amorphous shapes of foamy waves crashing on the sand. Casual, light fabrics in signature Ronen Chen asymmetrical draped silhouettes surface in bright colors that evoke the mood-enhancing elements of spending time on the coast.

14The Time Out group for Summer 2013 is a reminder to let go, let loose and let the last days of summer envelope you. Simply put, this is dreamy getaway wear. Sheer knits, viscose linen, cotton twill, light jersey, and printed chiffon are light, airy and fresh – the epitome of warm-weather leisure and the effortless style that characterizes Ronen Chen’s entire Spring/Summer 2013 attitude.

Visit the site to learn more site at

I personally love these looks.  It gets SO hot out here in the desert.  Sometimes 10+ degrees over 100.  So dressing up for work can be a challenge.  These pieces are classy, light, feminine and can be dressed up or down with shoes and accessories.  Did I mention that I am complete obsessed with every.single.look. in that Metropolis group?  Holy moly.  I don’t only want, these would be fantastic staples for any wardrobe so they cross over in the NEED territory.

What do you think of these looks?  What is your fave collection?  Share in the comments!

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