BodyMedia Link update and review

To follow up from my Mamavation Monday post last week, this is the end of the first full week I was able to use my new BodyMedia Link armband.  I’ve got to admit, I thought I’d be overwhelmed by the information that this lifestyle & fitness tracker actually tracks, but I’m actually relieved.  Not only does it give me a full view of everything I’m doing physically but it helps me track my intake (which goes along nicely with my WW Points Plus, since it is still recommended you keep a food journal.)


The armband is lightweight, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin when worn for extended periods of time (you wear it all day, I only take it off for the shower.) and hardly shows through my clothing.  To avoid any teasing on the first morning of the first day I wore it to work, I explained what the odd shape was underneath my cardigan and I was happily surprised with the enthusiasm from my co-workers and their continuing support in my healthier lifestyle.


When you upload your information into your computer it shows you everything.  You start off actually by setting goals for yourself and then it measures what you’ve done that day against your goals.  It is exciting to see what you actually accomplish in a day, and I proved to myself I don’t have to be “stepping” to burn calories.  Although, I do need to kick it up a notch.

You don’t have to do ANYTHING for it to track your exertion levels, steps, activity, etc.  The only thing you manually enter are your goals (which there are plans to help get you started) and your food journal.  There is a free app for your smartphone, so on the go you can track your meals as well.  You don’t have to guess what the caloric values are because there is a full system of foods to search from.

So far I’m elated with the addition of this into my daily routine.  Now I just need to step up to scale – literally…

I’ll post a weekly update on my progress right here on my blog.  What do you think?  Would you give this a try?  The Link band is available at

There are a few options available and you can accessorize.  Check out the website to learn more.  & stay tuned for more updates right here on my blog!

Product & subscription to BodyMedia provided for 100% honest review

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5 thoughts on “BodyMedia Link update and review

    • beautybesties says:

      I forget it is there! The only time it is uncomfortable is if I don’t match up the velcro correctly and it itches. So I just wrap carefully. 🙂


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