Braid band= style without damage

So I came across these super rad braid headbands that you can purchase in the color of your own hair.  This company also makes ponytails & extensions in ombre which is freaking cool if you ask me.  You can stay on trend, and not damage your hair in the process.  Plus you can change it up as often or as little as you want.  Plus for someone like me who wants to have style but cannot figure out how to style their hair to save their life, this is a beauty lifesaver.


This delicate band transforms any hairstyle into a chic, fashionable statement. Try the Hairdo by HairUWear French Braid Band ($10:

I actually got some good compliments from wearing this style to work.  I was shocked it looked as natural as it did and it was comfortable and stretchy so it didn’t bother me even after a long day.  Thank you HairUWear for making it possible for even my hair to have style.

Would you wear one of these?  Got any hair styling or braiding tips? Share in the comments!

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