BodyMedia Link update & review – week 2

So far, so good with my BodyMedia Link.  Seems like every few days I’m discovering cool new things I can do with it.  After my first full week (and last week’s update) I weighed myself and it kept me on track to lose another pound that week!  Woohoo!

This is one of the things I discovered over the last week also, that I can run a report to see what my averages are.  This is such an amazing way to see if you are really on (or off) track!


If I can keep adding onto my steps then I am going to keep on reaching my goals.  This is so awesome.  My next goal is going to be for the next week to get fully “linked” and sync’d to my iPhone to see what else I can do!  Here’s to another successful week ahead.

The Link band is available at

There are a few options available and you can accessorize.  Check out the website to learn more.  & stay tuned for more updates right here on my blog!

Product & subscription to BodyMedia provided for 100% honest review

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