Emjoi Divine Battery Operated Epilator review

Emjoi Divine Battery Operated Epilator


In a previous pre-baby life, I had & used an epilator.  Until baby came along.  Grabbed it & smashed it on the floor & shattered it into pieces.  So ever since I have been longing to try this again since I didn’t ever get to for an extended amount of time.

On my first try using this Emjoi Divine batter operated epilator I had some pretty good success.  I used it after a warm shower and dried off completely so that my pores would be more opened up.  Now it claims to be a more comfortable tweeze.  Maybe that is in comparison to actually tweezing each hair on your body individually.  In an evil kind of way, it feels good.  Since it is removing multiple hairs at a time you get that tingling, stinging, numbing, oh-my sensation – all at the same time.

Body parts…

For my arms and legs, it worked wonderfully.  I like to remove everything so this process is time consuming.  I literally despise body hair.  Anywhere on my body.  Except for my eyebrows and scalp.  These were the most comfortable areas to use it on.

For my underarms and girly bits it was one of those hurts that made you want to well up a bit in your eyes.  It really works great and much less painful if you can somehow get your skin to stretch out super tight or have someone hold the skin taught.  Either way it is a bit more difficult and or less private.  However it did work.

For facial hair it was quite simple and gentle.  This is now my preferred method.

No doubt.

My only negative is it takes batteries.  But it is portable which I like.  The last one I had it had to be plugged in at all times which was super annoying.

Overall I really am thrilled to be using this as my new form of hair removal.  I get frustrated buying razor blades and shave cream.  Creams usually stink and make my sensitive skin break out.  Lasers would be great if they weren’t expensive and weren’t going to ruin my tattoos – but they will… so epilator it is for me!


Learn more about this epilator by clicking here.


Have you ever used an epilator?  What is your experience?  Share in the comments!

Product provided for 100% honest review

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4 thoughts on “Emjoi Divine Battery Operated Epilator review

  1. Ashley B. says:

    I have used an epilator, it scared me and tore out my hair quite painfully. Your experience with the Emjoi sounds far less painful from my experience so I may just give the Emjoi a whirl.


  2. Debra says:

    Love you products I have use the Emjor for over 13 years it took a little time to get use to but now its great my legs are great and so are my unde arms.
    For fist time users just take your time its worth it.


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