Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Peel review

Ugh.  Winter makes my skin SO dry and flaky.  Even the thickest creams don’t help.  I was feeling super frustrated, applying Vaseline of all things throughout the day to relieve my chapped skin.  Then suddenly something arrived in the mail box…


At first I thought it might be a serum or a mask?  But it is actually a micro exfoliate that gently buffs away imperfections on your face.  And we’re not talking crazy brutal and irritating exfoliate.  We’re talking barely there but getting the job done exfoliate.

For me it creates a flawless face texture that assists with the ease of getting ready in the morning.  No need for extra layers of products to keep my foundation smooth on my skin, because my skin is already smooth.  Just a TINY amount goes a LONG way!

From the Elizabeth Grant site, “Enhanced with invigorating Vitamin C, soothing Torricelumn™ and other rich nutrients, this face peel gentle exfoliates away dead skin cells and evening out the skin tone, helping to resurface the skin for a silky soft, beautiful complexion.”

Learn more & purchase direct on their site, so click here.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Peel review

  1. Chacoy says:

    In the winter I suffer from sever eczema and man does it hurt and become a pain!
    I love that this exfoliates to make way for newer skin so I’m going to give it a try(:
    Great review!


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