Friday Fashion Find: Ramiro Encizo

Ramiro Encizo New York began as a high luxury handbag brand started by Ramiro Encizo in 2010 after leaving the luxury accessories firm Judith Leiber. The designer was inspired by the fabulous lifestyles of his clients and wanted to establish an ultra-exclusive brand that was tailored to such women.

The brand focuses on the experience of shopping at Ramiro Encizo New York and makes sure that no detail goes unnoticed; each piece is carefully hand crafted in New York City by talented Leathersmiths, Expert Jewelers and various other craftsmen.

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Here are a few people who love his handbags: Countess LuAnn de Lesseps aka “Countess LuAnn” from The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York City, Peter Brant II (Stephanie Seymour’s son, he has a custom Alligator wallet with diamonds) NaomiCampbell (she has a red Alligator tote with 3.5 carats of diamonds), Her Excellency SheikhaNoor (wife of the Prime Minister of Qatar, she has a black Alligator tote with diamonds. Spring 2013 collection was named after her), Maryam Al-Maktoum & Shaikha Al-Maktoum (princesses from Dubai. Maryam is essentially the Paris Hilton in the Arab world),  and Joan Rivers absolutely loves her Orange Python tote.


All the python is hand-painted.
When working with alligator skin, Ramiro inspects every scale on an alligator’s belly and makes sure that it is flawless. This is difficult because alligators’ bellies are easily scarred from walking around rocky terrain, fighting, bumping into each other etc.
All Ramiro Encizo bags are lined in Lambskin because of it’s buttery texture. Some designers line their bags with fabric, but Ramiro loves using the very best!
All of the metalwork: chains/signature heart/nameplates are made in NYC. The nameplates are cut from a single piece of metal, then polished, engraved and finally plated with gold or nickel for a high-shine effect.
Presentation is a huge factor when receiving a Ramiro Encizo handbag. The boxes are hand-made, sturdy and substantial. Even the way the bow is tied has to be perfect!
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