BodyMedia Link week 4 update

Well this is the conclusion of week four using my BodyMedia Link arm band.  I only weighed myself after the 2nd week and at that point I had lost a pound and a half, which for me is great considering I’m on my last 10 lbs to get to my ultimate goal.  This is what some may say the most challenging point of weight loss.  It requires incredible discipline and monitoring of intake & outtake which the BodyMedia handles for me.

One example.  It completely breaks down your food intake and compares it to your goals.

Here it breaks down the calories I burned for the day down the exertion by hour of the day.

The more I use the online activity manager, the more I realize it is able to help me.

The Link band is available at

There are a few options available and you can accessorize.  Check out the website to learn more.  & stay tuned for more updates right here on my blog!

Product & subscription to BodyMedia provided for 100% honest review

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