Tatjacket tattoo concealer review

I’ve had really bad luck with tattoo concealer products over the years.  To be honest, I was pessimistic coming into this review.  I’m so pale and my tattoos appear so bright against my pasty white skin it makes it difficult to cover.  Plus most concealers wipe or rub off in a very short time frame.

Whatever your reason for covering up your ink, keep the doubters quiet by concealing your tattoos and body art with water-resistant tattoo concealer. Tattoo cover up and tattoo concealer options abound, but few are as easy to apply as the TatJacket Airless Pump and the Concealer Blender Pack. Plus, a variety of skin-color hues means that no matter your skin tone, you will be covered. Delivered in an easy-to-apply pump, the Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer 30ML Airless Pump is suited for all skin types and tattoos. With optimum elasticity, the product doesn’t crack or flake on the job. Plus, it’s simply removed with soap and water—no extra removers are required. It’s also useful for hiding scars, acne and other skin imperfections. For an even easier application, the TatJacket Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack can be used to conceal any kind of tattoo in a single step. Water-resistant and elastic, the Blender Pack is available in different skin hues to customize a solution as unique as you are.


I ended up applying two layers of the concealer in light.  Pleasantly surprised it matched my skin tone fairly well and didn’t make me look like a discolored monster.  The formula is thick and easy to dab on.  I used my finger.  After letting one coat set I rubbed my finger against it and it didn’t budget so I dabbed on another coat of it.  I wore it for an entire 8 hour shift at work, came home, showered, and I still had some concealer in place after scrubbing.  This is the first ever tattoo concealer success story for me!  Woohoo!

I love that this product will allow me to not have to button up my button ups all the way to the top button like a gangster.  Just by covering up a small area on my chest I can feel like I’m not literally trying to hide anything from the world (even though I kind of am) I will also continue to use it on my wrists for when a long sleeve shirt isn’t quite long enough.

There is no drying or restricting feeling to the product when it sets.  You can choose what color is closest to your tone, or as seasons change mix and match so it is always a good cover.  I’m a new Tatjacket tattoo concealer fan!

This was the Tatjacket Tattoo Concealer Blender Pack 1 (LIGHT, LT TAN, LT BRONZE) Price: $19.95

Product provided for 100% honest review

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